7min Product Master Series

E5: Andrew O’Regan, Interaction Director 💊 Novartis

July 18, 2022 Andrew O’Regan 🇮🇪 Season 1 Episode 5
7min Product Master Series
E5: Andrew O’Regan, Interaction Director 💊 Novartis
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Our guest today is Andrew O’Regan 🇮🇪 who joins Lewis for the short-form interview (5mins). Listen in and enjoy!

Andrew O’Regan, Interaction Director (Interim) at Novartis. Andrew has worked in design since the mid 00s, and currently is a design leader and manager. He really believes in deep cross functional collaboration and teams built with this as a principle, but ideally he'd prefer to be growing vegetables.

You can find Andrew on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fantoraygun/, Twitter @fantoraygun and personal website: https://www.fantoraygun.com/.

Host:  Lewis Kang'ethe Ngugi, founder and host of 7min Product Master Series, Co-founder of PeopleWho, Senior Product Designer at Lookback, and Content Creator at Design x Us. You can find Lewis on Twitter as (@ngeshlew):  twitter.com/ngeshlew and on Linkedin at: linkedin.com/in/ngeshlew.


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Andrew shared insights on these compelling questions: 

  1. Give me a brief definition of ux design.
  2. What's the biggest design mistake you've ever made and what did you learn?
  3. What's one piece of "common wisdom" you disagree with and why?
  4. What’s the best product design or business advice you’ve ever received? Why?
  5. What’s working best in your design process right now?
  6. What's the one thing every ux designer should learn?
  7. What's the one thing you learned about yourself recently that changed the way you work?
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Definition of UX design
Biggest design mistake
Disagree with "common wisdom"
Best design or business advice
Design process
Every UX designer should learn